Advantages of HAPE wall saw machine compared with traditional drilling machine

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A wall saw cutting efficiency

Han Peng HAPE-107 type wall sawing machine, for example, its cutting depth can reach 530mm., in the city's buildings can be completed more than 90% of the cutting task. Its cutting speed is equivalent to more than 20 times the traditional drilling rig, that is, a Chinese Peng HAPE-107 equivalent to more than 20 drilling rig cutting efficiency. For example, 300mm shear wall, a drill hole Phi 108 generally time-consuming more than 20 minutes (including clamping time machine, and a clamping wall sawing machine can cut more than 2.5 meters), a linear meters need to drill 10 holes. Row hole method to cut a straight line more than 3 hours. Han Peng saw cutting 300mm HAPE-107 wall shear wall, a top speed of 1 hours can be cut 6 meters above the HASN-107 cutting line metres in just 10 minutes, so the wall saw machine cutting efficiency is much higher than that of traditional drilling machine cutting efficiency.

The wall saw cutting cost is much lower than that of the traditional drilling machine's cutting method.

Cutting cost is mainly reflected in three aspects: the first aspect, low labor cost. A bench drill needs an operating personnel, and a wall saw an operator only need a machine, in the same amount of engineering, we can reduce 20 personal wages. To one of the 20 drilling rigs, for example, such as the use of the Han Peng HAPE-107 wall sawing machine only labor costs 200 thousand yuan a year is a very normal thing. The second aspect is that the maintenance cost is low. In the Beijing market as an example, the general size of the cutting number of reinforcement company rig reached 100 units for the month, maintenance cost is ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan buy good quality drill, and Han Peng series wall sawing machine quality warranty for one year, one year maintenance fee is almost zero, the spending years to reduce the cost of at least two hundred thousand yuan. Third, the cost of supplies. The shear wall of 300mm as an example, the use of HASN-007 blade can cut 300mm Phi 740 and phi 740 walls, a saw blade cutting of 300mm shear wall in 70~80 meters, 50 meters according to conservative calculations, the price at around $1500. As with a bit cutting shear wall 50 meters straight line 300 (with Phi 108 bit for example) a bit to drill 150 meters (i.e. core drill core length 150 meters, 50 meters straight line is equal to the wall) calculation of bit average life expectancy by 10 meters, the price is calculated according to each 160 yuan, the actual cost of 150 core drill supplies M / M / 10 x 160 yuan / month =2400 yuan, then the row hole cutting method every 50 meters and more consumption of 900 yuan, and the saw blade can be re welded 3~5 times, each time the complex welding costs 1000 yuan, actually use cutting machine every 50 meters to reduce the cost of materials in the 1000 yuan, then to a company for a year 10 thousand meters cutting engineering calculation, reduce the cost of consumables is (10000 / 50 * 1000=20 million) 200 thousand yuan. It is not difficult to see that the cost of cutting concrete wall saw machine is much lower than the cost of cutting concrete.

The cutting face of the wall is smooth and beautiful.

The wall saw machine after cutting, cutting surface smooth, is conducive to the follow-up project, such as sticking steel, carbon fiber reinforcement, viscosity, without the traditional diamond dressing after cutting and grinding of equal work, the wall saw machine in this area is beautiful, high efficiency and low cost.

< four > HAPE Han Peng wall saw cheap

This is the key problem of the wall sawing machine using a wide prospect in Chinese, before sawing machine available in Han Peng wall, hydraulic wall saw machine for the European and American monopoly products, the use of cost is very high, but the maintenance is not convenient, but the Han Peng HAPE wall sawing machine is the independent research and development of the company's products, which have intellectual property rights the company is unique, so the maintenance technology without any problems, but also high quality and inexpensive, so that we can solve the bottleneck problem of the wall saw machine is widely used in Chinese on the market.

China's concrete cutting and reinforcing market a new round of revolution has come, to grasp the advanced equipment to get the opportunity, the trend is under your guidance!

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