The principle of cutting and dismantling of the wire saw machine

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Wire saw cutting technology of concrete (referred to as: cutting) refers to the use of diamond tools (drill, saw blade, rope and other equipment), through the high-speed rotation of the cutting machine, water cooling, according to the specified position of the grinding of steel and concrete of reinforced concrete cutting, which will cut down, this is One divides into two.. The world's most advanced no vibration, no dust, no damage to the demolition construction method.
At present in various types of construction scheme changes in the drawings, will often see the need to use the "wire saw cutting" method for cutting or retaining structure. Demolition of wire saw cutting machine is a kind of environmental protection, developed in recent years, new static efficiency and safety of the demolition construction method, mainly used in all kinds of building renovation project, aiming at all kinds of different specifications of reinforced concrete structures demolition construction. Practice has proved that the concrete non destructive static cutting technology in the building renovation project has been gradually more and more applications.
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