Introduction of rope saw machine

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Rope saw is a cutting and dismantling equipment for thick concrete and irregular concrete. For example: beam, support, high iron pier, equipment foundation, concrete structure needs to be part of the demolition if only the use of rope saw cutting, use a flexible, cross cutting, vertical cutting can be. The following can be learned about the composition of the device structure and the classification of the rope saw.

Definition of wire saw:

By using the design principle Little strokes fell great oaks. out of a kind of hard brittle material for cutting a saw.

The composition of a rope saw:

Rope saw drive, fly wheel, guide wheel, rope saw chain (made of diamond material).

The use and characteristics of wire saw

Cutting equipment for hydraulic drive power plant, can realize all kinds of cutting to the thick concrete. Is the basement, chimney and pillar of the cutting removal and repair work the most suitable cutting construction equipment. Rope saw (Xian Ju) on the dense row of reinforced concrete structures, thick walls, and even underwater cutting operations can be competent. (wire rope saw) can satisfy the hydraulic wall saw cutting depth less than. The cutting depth is not restricted, the working environment is more adaptable, and the work efficiency is higher. Hydraulic wall saw machine equipment.

Because the hydraulic diamond wire saw (hydraulic diamond wire saw) the emergence of building security protective demolition, renovation construction, keep the building part of the safe, widely used in Demolition Company, demolition company's construction project in. Hydraulic rope saw advanced engineering tools used in building renovation and construction, as a kind of special cutting tool, suitable for cutting of reinforced concrete, rock, ceramic, brick and other hard materials, widely used in wall door, window, air vent and reinforced concrete beam and column slab cutting, bridge cutting and stone processing. Using it can make the technology of reinforced concrete and stone removal easier, safer and more effective.

Hydraulic rope saw has the following remarkable characteristics: reducing the labor intensity, safe and reliable operation, with overload protection function, strong power, improve the cutting ability and labor productivity. Is the demolition, removal of construction projects, the use of advanced equipment. Because of its linear cutting can make the construction section more orderly; also because it can improve the speed of work to shorten the construction period, reduce labor cost, improve bidding advantages, expand the acceptable engineering construction scale; hydraulic system's safety, reliability and stability, greatly reduces the loss cost of construction equipment; in addition this wall, similar to saw static cutting has gradually become a construction and design concept, because it can preserve the stability and safety of the existing structure to the largest extent, leading the construction of the advanced construction equipment widely used in cutting reinforcement, instead of the attack or drill holes to break through the traditional mode of construction.

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