Classification and application scope of wire saw

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Division of a rope saw

According to the actual demand and different purposes, market of the wire saw can be divided into 7 categories, respectively: concrete cutting wire saws, wire saws, mining of granite and granite blocks of plastic wire saws, wire saws, profiled processing granite marble mine mining rope saw, marble, marble, plastic rope saw shaped processing wire saw. According to the production of materials, can be divided into rubber rope saw, plastic rope saw, spring rope saw, as well as spring and rubber rope saw (used for concrete cutting). The main specifications of wire saw is controlled by the beads, which varies from Phi Phi 11.5 7.2~, but different stone formula is not the same, making beaded formula according to the actual situation of stone to build in order to maximize its efficiency. [2]

Application range

Bridge girder cutting, cutting, cutting under water.....

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